Brand New Brake Caliper Sticking

Brand New Brake Caliper Sticking: Causes and Solutions

Few parts of an automobile are as crucial to safety as the brake system. In this system, brake calipers are essential because they press the brake pads against the rotors to slow or stop the vehicle. Because of this, it’s extremely alarming when a brand-new brake caliper begins to stick.

In addition to posing a serious safety risk, it may also cause the brake pads to wear unevenly or too quickly, reduce braking power, and make odd noises when applying the brakes. In this piece, we’ll look at what causes a sticking brake caliper, how to identify the issue, and potential fixes. We’ll also go over some preventative steps you can take to steer clear of this problem altogether.

Causes of a Sticking Brake Caliper

A brand-new brake caliper might start sticking for a number of reasons. It could have been installed incorrectly, for example. This might be the result of the mechanic making a mistake during the installation process or due to human error. An error during manufacturing could also be the reason.

Even though it is uncommon, it does happen occasionally for a new brake caliper to be flawed right out of the box. Last but not least, a sticking caliper could be caused by debris or contamination in the brake system. Simple things like a microscopic dirt particle or a trace amount of rust that entered the system during installation could be the cause of this.

How to Diagnose a Sticking Brake Caliper

How to Diagnose a Sticking Brake Caliper

There are a few steps you can take to verify the issue if you think your brand-new brake caliper is sticking. You should start by performing a visual inspection. Check for any obvious indications of issues, such as leaks or caliper damage. The next step is to put the car through a road test.

You’ll be able to determine whether there are any performance issues, such as pulling to one side when braking or diminished braking efficiency, by doing this. Use a brake caliper tool to check for proper movement if you still think the caliper is sticking. You can either buy this tool from an auto parts store or borrow it from a mechanic.

Solutions for a Sticking Brake Caliper

As soon as you’ve determined that the brake caliper is sticking, you should take care of the issue. If the caliper was improperly installed, the issue might be resolved by having it reinstalled by a skilled mechanic. The caliper may need to be changed if the problem is a manufacturing flaw or contamination in the brake system. To get rid of any debris or contamination that may be the cause of the issue, a thorough cleaning and flushing of the brake system might be required in some circumstances.

Preventative Measures

Being proactive is the best way to prevent a sticking brake caliper. Maintain regular brake system maintenance and inspections, and make sure the caliper is installed correctly by a qualified mechanic. Using high-quality brake parts can also lessen the possibility of problems like a stuck caliper. You can help make sure that the brake system in your car is always in excellent working order and ready to keep you safe on the road by taking these preventative measures.


Because it can reduce the efficiency of your car’s braking system, a sticking brake caliper can be a serious safety concern. As soon as you suspect that your brand-new caliper is sticking, you should identify and fix the issue. You can help keep your brake system working properly, keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road, and maintain your brake system by following the instructions provided in this article and taking preventative measures.